Cockle shells picked to treat dog cancer

A team explains how nanoparticles made from the cockleshell material calcium carbonate aragonite can be used to carry the anticancer drug doxorubicin. These drug-loaded nanoparticles have been used to successfully treat dogs with solid tumours

Screw cancer: Microneedle sticks it to cancer tissue

Drug-loaded microrobotic needle effectively targets and remains attached to cancerous tissue in lab experiments without needing continuous application of a magnetic field, allowing more precise drug delivery

Nanoparticle-based thermal treatment cures intestinal cancer in mice

Scientists presented the test results of an innovative oncotherapy technology based on hyperthermia—heating nanoparticles that have been introduced into a tumour to kill it. A drug based on cobalt ferrite nanoparticles cured 100% of the mice with intestinal cancer from the experimental group

Protecting DNA origami for anti-cancer drug delivery

Scientists designed a tunable peptide-like molecular coating that enables 3-D DNA nanostructures to maintain their structural integrity and functionality in different physiological environments relevant to drug delivery and other biomedical applications