Cancer cells get a load of ZIF

A metal organic framework coated with a cancer cell membrane has proved effective at delivering and releasing a cancer immunotherapy drug

Wirelessly rechargeable soft brain implant controls brain cells​

Researchers have invented a smartphone-controlled soft brain implant that can be recharged wirelessly from outside the body. Scientists believe this technology can help uncover and treat psychiatric disorders and neurodegenerative diseases such as addiction, depression, and Parkinson’s

New technique creates organ-on-a-chip in a short time and at a low cost

A streamlined approach is proposed for the fabrication of organ‐on‐a‐chip devices with incorporated microactuators, by using an adaptation of xurography. This method can generate multilayered, membrane‐integrated biochips in a matter of hours, using low‐cost benchtop equipment

Chemists invent shape-shifting nanomaterial with biomedical potential

Discovery holds potential for biomedical applications. It converts from sheets to tubes and back in a controllable fashion. Made of synthetic collagen, the new nanomaterial may have a range of biomedical applications, from controlled-release drug delivery to tissue engineering