New method to boost supply of life-saving stem cells

Hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) have great potential in treating incurable cancers, autoimmune diseases and inherited blood disorders. However, just 1 in 2500 cells in the blood marrow are HSCs, a scarcity that limits their use in medical procedures

Tissue-engineered implants provide new hope for vocal injuries

iStock: A Purdue research team has tissue-engineered the component tissue replacements that support reconstruction of the larynx. (Stock image)
New technology may one day help patients who suffer devastating vocal injuries from surgery on the larynx. A collaborative team consisting of biomedical engineers and clinicians has tissue-engineered component tissue replacements that support reconstruction of the larynx

Molecular sweat sensor offers quick drug detection

“The developed technology would overcome the technological limitations on identifying drug and prohibited substance use and enable drug detection without invasive and ethical problems”
Ho Sang Jung