Future Materials 2020 – Materials Science & Nanotechnology Conference

February 26-28, 2020
SANA Malhoa Hotel, Lisbon, Portugal

Start Date: February 26, 2020
End Date: February 28, 2020


The future Materials organizing committee invites the participants across the globe to attend its annual flagship conference, Materials Science and Nanotechnology Conference which is going to take place during February 26-28, 2020 at Lisbon, Portugal.

Future Materials 2020 is comprised of various sessions designed to offer comprehensive symposiums that address current issues in the field of Materials Science and provides a fantastic opportunity to network with your peers from academia and industrialists which includes professors, researchers, Materials Scientists, Materials Engineers, and Students.
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Focal Areas of Future Materials 2020
Advanced Materials
Energy & Sustainability
Advanced Manufacturing
Advances in Nanotechnology
Nanotechnology in Defense
Electronics & Sensors
Biotechnology and Medical
3d Printing Technology
Nanomaterials in Catalysis
Artificial Intelligence Methods
Nano Chemistry
Solar Nanotechnology
Materials Physics

Topics for Abstract Submission
Materials Science and Engineering
Nanotechnology and its Applications
Polymer Science and Engineering
Carbon and Graphene based materials
Advanced Photonics and Optical Materials
Nanotechnology in Medicine
Materials Chemistry
Micro & Nano Fabrication
Ceramics and Composite Materials
Energy Materials and Harvesting
Advanced Smart Materials and Structures
Biomaterials and Bio Devices
Electronic Materials and Devices
Advanced Functional Materials
Environmental Green Materials
Materials Characterization, Modelling and Methods