AMBA 2017 – Advanced Materials for Biomedical Applications

September 27-29, 2017
Ghent, Belgium

Start Date: September 27, 2017
End Date: September 29, 2017

Celebrating 10 years of polymeric biomaterial research in the Polymer Chemistry and Biomaterials Research Group at Ghent University.

The conference welcomes contributions from the following research fields:

Biomaterial Development and Characterization
-Polymer chemistry for biomedical applications
-Nature-inspired materials for tissue engineering approaches
-Controlled polymerization techniques in the biomedical field
-Biomedical composites and combination materials
-Surface functionalization and characterization

Biomaterial Processing and Characterization
-Biomaterial Processing and Characterization
-Polymer and composite processing into 3D scaffolds
-Light induced processing of polymers into scaffolds
-Nano- and microparticle/fiber production and characterization
-Novel technologies for scaffold characterization

Biomaterial Translation: from the Lab to the Clinic and Industry
-Polymer chemistry for biomedical applications
-Biobased polymers – from labscale to an industrial setup
-Industry meets academia: overcoming the final barriers
-Clinical translation – from bench to bedside

Abstract submission deadline: 1st of July, 2017

Issues concerning abstracts or registration can be sent to