Biomaterials for Cancer Therapeutics – Diagnosis, Prevention and Therapy

K. Park ed., Woodhead Publishing (2014)
Reviewed by Mamoni Dash

Biomaterials for Cancer Therapeutics – Diagnosis, Prevention and Therapy, 2014

K Park eds.

Woodhead Publishing 

ISBN 0857096648


The book on biomaterials for cancer therapeutics is an interesting combination of various chapters from distinguished authors in the field of biomaterials as well as cancer research.

All the chapters are carefully and chronologically arranged in a way that gives a nice overview of the topic.

The first chapter gives an in-depth insight on the fundamentals of biomaterials required in the field of cancer therapeutics. However, a bit elaborated view of the author on theranostics would have been beneficial. Chapter 2 also gives elaborate knowledge on cancer cell biology.

In chapter 3, it would have been interesting if a few more recent examples on polymeric biomaterials were enlisted in the section 3.1.2 on progress in targeted drug delivery.

The chapters on theranostics need a special mention on the insight they provide on the topic. Chapters 7, 8 and 10 are very nice choices to be included in the book, which gives the reader a practical realization of biomaterials towards cancer research.

Chapter 12, which deals with the reverse engineering approach for low temperature sensitive liposome, is a very interesting topic.

In chapter 13, few more recent examples on the surface chemistry of gold nanoparticles would give the readers an enlarged view.

In chapter 14, a short paragraph on material safety considerations is listed but toxicity issues involved with most of the commonly used polymers could allow the readers to evaluate better the toxicity of the developed nanosystems.

On the whole, the book is a combination of the fundamentals of cancer biology, guiding principles on the design of biomaterials and the clinical potential of these biomaterials, which is of interest to a broad audience involving chemists, biologist and material scientists.


Mamoni Dash

June 2014

Polymer Chemistry and Biomaterials Group, University of Gent