Awards and distinctions

2016 International Life Sciences Awards, in the category Best Biological Material Information Platform 2016, awarded by GHP Magazine.

Selection for Current Web Contents renewed by the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI).

First “Pearl of the Web” award, by “the most efficient site dedicated totally to biomaterials”, and the “chief instrument for a timely look at the latest and most meaningful developments in biomaterials”.

Selection for Current Web Contents, from the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI).

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Other distinctions:
“On the best way to become biomaterials researcher’s favorite information system”, by Angewandte Chemie Intl. Edn.

“For current information about biomaterials, the Biomaterials Network provides the most comprehensive collection of online resources”. Where materials meet biology, HMS Beagle, BioMedNet.
“The bulk of the Biomaterials Network still consists of an extensive, well-organized collection of links…”, and “The Biomaterials network also features current news and information in the field of biomaterials”. Biomaterials – The technology of the future, CMBO Perspective, Cell & Molecular Biology Online.
“ is a useful community site for the burgeoning field of biomaterials”. Connecting with biomaterials, NetWatch, Science.
“The most useful biomaterials website”. European Cells & Materials e-journal.

“Engineered skin, plastic joints, artificial organs, and the like are the focus of Biomaterials Network, a portal run by scientists”. Making Body Parts (, Science.
New site links international biomaterials community. European Medical Device Manufacturer.
Revamped Biomaterials Site Offers Links, Articles, Information. Medical Device Link.

Web sites facilitate access to biomaterials data. Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry.